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Preservation and Permanence

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Amanda Low and Tommy Truong co-curated Preservation and Permanence as part of InterAccess’ 17th Annual Current Exhibition.

This group exhibition curated by Amanda Low and Tommy Truong, featuring works by Enna Kim, Lauren Marsden, Sophia Oppel and Blair Swann, Jessie Sheng, and Jasmeet Sidhu, considers loss in the age of rapid technological obsolescence. Given the speed at which digital media is developed and navigated, information loss has become inevitable. The exhibition questions the supposed permanence of digital media and challenges its ability to archive our memories and experiences.



SophiaOppeland Blair Swann – how does a .jpg feel against your skin (2018)



Jasmeet Sidhu – It’s kinda like a broken telephone (2018)




Jessie Sheng – Sweet Nothings (2018)




Enna Kim – Outdated (2018)




Lauren Marsden – Waves of Nena (2018)





About the Curators
Tommy Truong and Amanda Low are co-founders of Broom Closet, an art collective comprised of a group of new media artists focusing on storytelling, archival practice, and ideas of ephemerality in technology. Truong and Low are both new media artists and emerging curators who recently graduated from OCAD University’s Digital Painting and Expanded Animation Program. Low plays with medium specific narratives and storytelling through both traditional and non-traditional animated means. Her practice considers the web browser as an artistic medium. Truong’s practice explores ideas of technological obsession, screen-based media, and immersion. Using programs like Photoshop, After Effects, and Cinema 4D, he combines traditional and experimental animating techniques to create the illusion of depth and space in his works. Collectively, these artists have exhibited their work in Toronto venues including Xpace Cultural Centre, Artscape, Trinity Square Video, The Royal Cinema, Tranzac, and Tough Guy Mountain’s Brandscape.


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