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Familiar Tourist (2017)




Single-channel video

Familiar Tourist is a collage single-channel video work that provides context for video documentation taken in Guangzhou.  The work presents the footage in a fragmented distortion representing the vague structure of memory and thought.  The culture recorded as a depiction of what is supposed to be familiar to me, but is instead foreign and can only be interpreted through the lens of a tourist.  With that said, physical objects and traces of the culture in the environment accompanied with Chinese songs from the 1990’s provoked an inner sense of nostalgia and reminisce.

By juxtaposing visuals that are foreign to me with music that is familiar, my piece examines my personal sense of cultural identity.  Not being able to identify solely with one culture, I am left stranded in a third space between my Canadian and Chinese identity.


Published inPracticeWorks

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