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Circus Flat House (2017)

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Single-channel video/Installation

In our current age of the Internet, we are constantly bombarded with screens, and through these screens we are exposed to representations of tangible objects, animals, and even life experiences. Circus Flat house is an examination of our obsession with screen-based media and their indexicality of the real. In today’s society, we are constantly stimulated by an abundant informant in forms of mere representations, which who’s meaning is subjected to the concept of semiotics. Digital renders of 3-dimensional models are juxtaposed with the flatness of the panel they are displayed in. This contrast demonstrates the evolution of representation, it’s change in time and space, and ultimately provoke a sense of nostalgia for a time with fewer digital and perhaps with more reality.

In a world where everything is mediated by screens and interpretation, the themes showcased in Circus Flat house promotes further contemplation and even skepticism towards the copious amounts of information delivered through representational media. As we navigate through our digital landscapes, where everything is a mere representation of objects, tangible forms, and even experiences through videos and photos, where do we draw the line between reality and representation? Circus Flat house seeks to answer how we distinguish originality from digital representations we choose to surround ourselves with in today’s day and age where cameras, screens, and data are ubiquitous.

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