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Layers (2016)


Collaborated Artists: Tommy Truong, Michael Crawford, Sabina Kalibek, Chantelle Hartle, Santiago Pozo, Serena Posner, Cheryl Aiken, Rob Kim

Exhibited at OCADU Great Hall

Layers (2016) is an interactive installation that examines the construction of images and perspectives. Briefly touching upon themes in visual representation, the painting ‘Three Musicians’ by Pablo Picasso is broken into several pieces, layered at different distances from the viewer mimicking a Photoshop aesthetic in physical form.  When viewed from certain perspectives the piece is complete, but the component layers can be viewed in separate positions in space.  Influenced by the ideas of fragmentation, our group of artists examines the relation between technology and analog through Layers (2016).

Created for the exhibition PolyPackets, curated by OCAD University Integrated Media Students, our infinity group of artists explored the concepts of hidden vs. in-between and the tangible vs. intangible.  The exhibition examines the complex influence of technology on contemporary art making.  From videos and animations, to interactive installations and electronics, the works presented at this exhibition pushes the boundaries of what society accepts as new media art.

Process documentation photos

Exhibition Website – Polypackets

Exhibition Instagram – Polypackets

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