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Baroque-N-Link Documentation (2016)


Historical representation of art has often been through an exclusively Eurocentric lens, with much of its focus on the development of the salon. The salon, a chamber for the discussion of intellectual ideas and appreciation of art, was central to the European art market, and became a cornerstone of the market before the rise of the modern gallery. Baroque-n-link seeks to invoke the nostalgia of this practice, through the careful arrangement of works in frames overshadowed by drapes, each depicting the work in relation to the other works selected for the exhibition space.

Collaborated Artists: Cheryl Aiken, Michael Crawford, Nikita Macedo, Jasmeet Sidhu, Tommy Truong

However, without solely employing nostalgia as a motivating force, we’re also highlighting the rise of reproducible imagery, QR codes and online work and how they have created a stark contrast to the representations of earlier eras and their corresponding practices today. Scope and scale in curatorial practice are immediately called into question, with separate works brought into the same central locus through their otherwise intangible existence online. The QR codes stand in as works in the frames, and once scanned, link directly to the work from which they were generated.

The works themselves are primarily drawn from students at OCAD University, with a focus on the digital, animation and illustration.

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