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Auto Play 2.0 (2017)

Auto Play (2016) is a silent animated narrative fight scene created with an unconventional stop-motion photographic process.

Over 300 photos of puppets in front of a green-screen are uploaded into a code-based program (Max MSP) which algorithmically generates short animated attack sequences. The program then generates fight montages, independent of the animator’s influence, substituting a computational stop-motion process for the hand of the artist.

As with live-action narrative film, stop-motion narratives are composed of linear sequences. In the case of stop-motion puppet animation, a frame-by-frame technique is used to create life-like illusions. Auto Play defies linear narrative construction. It replaces the behind-the-scenes role of the animator/puppeteer with a code based sequence generator.

Comparable to internet-based artist Oliver Laric’s artistic themes, my work challenges notions of artistic singularity and authenticity by engaging strategies of comparison and computation.  While each fight sequence is singular in Auto Play; the fight narrative are procedurally generated with Max MSP independent from one another. Paradoxically, each sequence both is and isn’t “original animation”.

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